Success Stories

The success of our partners defines the value of our business. We actively work to create quality and scale for everyone we partner with, these are some of the recent success stories.



  • Liquid Wireless brought Lexington Law into the future, mobile. Together we worked to find their audience within our first party user pool, then scaled to profitability.

    • Became profitable on mobile
    • Created an opportunity to scale beyond initial expectations
    • Long term quality, with weekly tuning
  • Lexington Law was struggling to fill their quotas and budgets on desktop inventory.   Views were transitioning to a mobile channel that did not contain the cookie targeting and retargeting that improved their media buys on the web.   After 4 or 5 separate mobile media tests with top networks they had not found a partner that could help them break even on their campaign.
  • Liquid Wireless proposed a Lexington Law test on their new Mobile Ad-Targeting Platform.  The test was set up at an extremely granular level to determine quality on many different audience segments based on age, gender, operating system, house hold income and debt level.
  • JR Curtis Director of Acquisition

    Liquid Wireless has made it so that I can finally generate a profit from mobile traffic. Their ability to target very specific people has opened up options for our product that previously were unprofitable. I have been able to make money from mobile publisher traffic for the first time.



Grey Stripe

  • “Working with Liquid Wireless has been a great experience. They are always open to new ideas and continuously working to drive exceptional results for Publishers Clearing House. This ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking allowed Conversant to implement several mobile strategies that led to a 28% jump in mobile conversions – well above the industry average.”

    • More paid actions led to increased revenue for Conversant
    • Above average user quality for Liquid Wireless
    • Large scale, mutually beneficial opportunities
  • A constant challenge when buying media is to find the opportunities that will provide a mutually beneficial relationship. To do so, Liquid Wireless works with partners to understand how to leverage the power of PCH with their audience, creating trust and long term success.

    • Understand Audience
    • Create Competitive Bid
    • Demonstrate Power of PCH Brand
  • Conversant established an open line of communication through which we establish a strong foundation for our continuing partnership. Together, we identified opportunities for success within their audience and worked to optimized the Liquid Wireless spend and the CTA to numbers well beyond industry averages.

    Multifaceted Approach:
    • Custom Creatives
    • Hone Quality
    • Demonstrate Power of PCH Brand
  • “Not only is Liquid Wireless able to scale and drive results, they truly are experts in the mobile space and enable us to become trusted advisors for our clients. This is a huge competitive advantage.” – Director of Business Development, Conversant